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Competition Results

          GRPC Steel Challenge


Steel Match 9_23_2023.jpg

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GRPC Club 22 Benchrest Rimfire


grpc 22BR Match 9-16-2023.jpg

 Beautiful day for the BR Rifle Match, pleasant temperatures, light winds and partly cloudy conditions.

We welcomed Robert Branch back to the fold, it's great to see the old timers returning but we need to see some new blood!

  • Robert Branch took the Sporter class 

  • Yours Truly (Jerry Jessen) grabbed the UL2 class

  • Houston Whitfield captured the Unlimited class 

       GRPC Club Hi Power  - F Class 


Grpc Hi power F class match 9-9-2023.jpg

The last summer's match of the year! A pleasant day with just a bit of mirage to keep us on our toes.

Easy match to score - numbers were 450, 449,448, 447 etc.

Andy showed off his new rifle then immediately had issues, that the way it goes. With some breakin time it will be fine.

GRPC Club 22 Benchrest Rimfire


GRPC rimfire competition 8-19-2023.jpg

 Another hot, hot match, thank goodness for the tin roof and the fans. Charles Borders took the match with a very nice score of 480, Houston Whitfield got unlimited class - 466, and look at John Fadio with a 240 in stage one! John got himself a new pair of glasses!

We welcomed Bobby Mooneyham back to the fold.

       GRPC Club Hi Power  - F Class 


Grpc Hi power score sheet 8-1-2023.jpg

The word that comes closest to describing yesterday's match is HOT!


Mike Branch won the match with a clean score of 450 and 33 X's. Just think of that for a moment - 73% of the rounds Mike fired hit the 1.4 inch X ring - a golf ball is 1.68 inch in diameter!


Eric Stiffler shot his newly finished M1 Garand, If you see him at the range, checkout his rifle, it's a beauty!

      GRPC Steel Challenge


Steel Match - 8-6-2023.jpg

Nothing added

GRPC Club 22 Benchrest Rimfire


GRPC 22 rimfire score sheet 7-15-2023.jpg

By 9:00am it was still dry so we decided to set the targets, then the showers started about half way through the first stage and we just went on shooting. It was rather plesant, cool temps and light winds. but the targets sure suffered - a bunch of wet noodles!
Rick Greer won the heavy class with a very nice score of 485/17 and Houston Whitfield won the unlimited class uncontestedly.

       GRPC Club Hi Power  - F Class 


GRPC Hi Power Rifle Score Sheet 7-8-25.png

Today's match was held under sunny and windy conditions, and of course the mirage made an appearance. Birthday boy Ron Ricketts took the match with a score one shot short of a clean set!

      GRPC Steel Challenge


Steel Callenge 7-1-2023_edited.jpg

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       GRPC Club Hi Power  - F Class 


GRPC Hi Power 6_11_23.jpg

The match started warm and just got hotter. The sky was slightly overcast so one moment because of the mirage, you couldn't see the target and then, in the time it would take to blink once, the target would be perfectly clear!

The first two stages had three of us tied for first but in the third stage Mike Branch absolutely nailed it with a score of 150 and 13 "X"s, great shooting Mike!

      GRPC Steel Challenge


Steel Match 7-25-2023.jpg

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GRPC Club 22 Benchrest Rimfire


rimfire benchrest 22 match 5_20_23.jpg

We enjoyed a bright sunny day with light winds which died down to a dead calm as soon as the match was over.

 John Fadio won the Sporter class

Charles Borders took the Heavy class

Tom Disanto got the Unlimited class

 We welcomed Braelyn Dennison to the match, she shot a very respectful 357/3!

      GRPC Club Hi Power  - F Class


fclass 5_13_23.jpg

The match started out very pleasant with overcast skies and a six mph wind out of the West. But by the second stage the mirage hit hard, it pushed everyone's bullet impact to the right by about two inches at 300 yards! 
Our matches are getting tight, we had two ties, Ron and KC tied with KC winning via the "X" count. Andy and Erland also tied, but in this case both of their scores and the "X" count were the same and no shoot-off was requested 

GRPC Club 22 Benchrest Rimfire


Brest22 4-15-2023.jpg

Six shooters attended the match. We had a pleasant day with a slight wind to blame our fliers on!

  • Sporter Class - Rick Matela

  • Heavy Class - Jerry Jessen

  • Unlimit class - Tom Desanto


Good shooting guys! 

      GRPC Club Hi Power  - F Class


Fclass 4-08-2023.jpg

Perfect day for a match, even though the forecast was for rain, none fell, we had light winds, overcast skies and no mirage. Strangely, as a group, all our rounds were impacting the target to the right an inch or so....

Ron Ricketts and your's truly tied for first place with Dennis Massey and Erland Graham close behind. KC Majors had a problem with his ammo and dropped out.

      GRPC Steel Challenge


Steel Match 4-4-2023.jpg

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GRPC Club 22 Benchrest Rimfire



We had fair shooting conditions, winds at 8 mph with an overcast sky.

Rick Greer won the heavy class and overall while Rick Mantela won the sporter class 

      GRPC Club Hi Power  - F Class


3112023 F Class Hi Power.jpg

We enjoyed a nice day with a small helping of mirage, the prone shooters were dialing back their scopes to 20 power to see the target while the bench riders were seeing good enough to use 50 power. Amazing what a few inches of elevation will do!

Yours truly won the match followed closely by Todd Layman. After a long absence, Marty Williams rejoined us. Ron Ricketts has recovered from surgery and joined us shooting better than ever. 

Happy Birthday KC Majors!

      GRPC Steel Challenge


3_4_2023 Steel Challenge.jpg

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GRPC Club 22 Benchrest Rimfire


22 rimfire BR 2_18_2023.jpg

A temperature of 35F and 12 mph winds out of the north made for miserable shooting conditions. Even so, Rick Greer had a great second stage score to win the Heavy Class and first overall. Daivid Swedberg won the Unlimited Class.

      GRPC Steel Challenge


242023Steel Natch_edited.jpg

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GRPC Club 22 Benchrest Rimfire


22 rimfire BR Results 1_21_23.jpg

We had a cold day with light winds shifting from left to right, The forecast was for rain but it held off till later in the day.


Rick Maltrla took the Sporter class

Houston Whitfeld won the UL-2 Heavy Class (7.5 to 10.5lbs) 

Tom Disanto got the UL-3 Unlimited Class (over 10.5lbs)

Houston Whitfeld got the over all win. 

      GRPC Club Hi Power  - F Class


F_Class 1_13_23.jpg

The only good thing that I can say about yesterday's shooting conditions is that it wasn't raining! It was very cold, wind gusting to 20 mph and some mirage thrown in for good measure.

Yours truly squeaked by Ron by one point, meanwhile, Erland and Dennis tied at 433 with Erland winning by the X score count.


Happy New Year!

      GRPC Steel Challenge


Steel Match 1-08-23.jpg

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GRPC Club 22 Benchrest Rimfire


22 rimfire BR Results 23_17_2022_edited.jpg

 Excellent shooting conditions today, Partly cloudy, cool temperatures and no wind!

 Sporter Class - Dennis Massey

 UL2 Heavy - Jerry Jessen

 UL3 Unlimited - Tom Disanto

      GRPC Club Hi Power  - F Class


F_Class Results 12_10_22_edited_edited_edited_edited.jpg

The morning started out very foggy, we couldn't see the target backstops much less the targets! By 10:30 the fog burned off and we probably had the nicest shooting conditions this year.

Very tight scoring, the first three shooter scores were separated by two points and the remaining shooters, only one point.

GRPC Club 22 Benchrest Rimfire


22 rimfire BR Results 11_19_22.jpg

We had a cool but pleasant shooting day with temps in the mid 40's and light winds at less than four MPH.

Six shooter were in attendance, winners are:


UL-1 (Sporter) - Dennis Massey

UL-2 (Heavy) - Jerry Jessen

UL-3 (Unlimited) - Tom Disanto

      GRPC Club Hi Power  - F Class



A pleasant day, low 70's, light winds and of course our old friend - the mirage - but check the scores, the lowest one is 145 and there were only two, now that's some good shooting!  The score sheet doesn't show it, no one had any hits in the 8 ring.

You're not seeing double and that's not an error, Todd shot two different rifles in each stage (30 rds) in the same time that the rest of us shot our normal stage (15 rds) and he did it very well!

      GRPC Steel Challenge


Steel Match 11052022_edited.jpg

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      GRPC Club Hi Power  - F Class


F_Class Results 10_8_22.jpg

The match started out just fine, just look at the first two stages, we could not have been more consistent. Then the third stage happened and the mirage arrived - there went a very nice match.....ya shoot in the weather you get!

Nevertheless, Ron Ricketts had a great match, one round short of a clean match - congratulations Ron!

      GRPC Steel Challenge


Steel Match 10_01_2022(1)_edited_edited_edited_edited.jpg

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      GRPC Club Hi Power  - F Class


F_Class Results 9_25_22_edited_edited_edited.jpg

Our makeup match was marred by a moderate wind and some mirage which lowered the scores a bit. Mike Branch took the F-Class event while Randy Eubanks won the M1/Vintage Rifles event.

GRPC Club 22 Benchrest Rimfire



We had a windy day with the wind shifting from left to right but we still had some very nice scores.

Houston Whitfeld took the Sporter class, Billy Dennison won the UL-2 10.5 lb Class (7.5 to 10.5lbs), Tom Disanto got the UL-3 Heavy (over 10.5lbs) followed by a tight group of four shooters.

Great shooting guys!

      GRPC Steel Challenge


Steel Challenge 92022.jpg

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GRPC Club 22 Benchrest Rimfire



We had a great day at the Rimfire Match - a bit warm but no wind - we had four shooters with X count in the teens. David Swedberg took the heavy class in a two point squeaker over Tom Disanto. Billy Dennison won the middleweight class and John Fadio had the most X's, Great shooting guys!

      GRPC Club Hi Power  - F Class



Finally a day without rain! We had three shooters with clean scores of 450 and four more shooters that are right on their heels. Shooting conditions were light winds, sunny with light clouds, low 80's. Great shooting guys!

      GRPC Steel Challenge


Steel Challenge 8062022.jpg

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      GRPC Club Hi Power  - F Class



This is the rematch for the event that was rained out on July 9. 

We had good shooting conditions - partly cloudy, light winds and comfortable temperatures. Look how tight the scores are, the first four positions were separated by four points, great shooting guys!

GRPC Club 22 Benchrest Rimfire



We had perfect shooting conditions - mild temps in the low 80's, overcast and no winds!


Rick Matela got an uncontested win in the UL-1 Sporter class

Rick Greer won the UL-2 class

Tom Disanto toke the UL-3 class


Great shooting!

GRPC Club 22 Benchrest Rimfire


22BR_Class Results 6_18_222_edited.png

What a great day for a match - we had it all - temp in the 90's, Humidity also in the 90's and a swirling wind that kept us on our toes! Even so, we had nice tight scores in both classes. We need some Sporter shooters!

John Fadio shot a cool vintage BSA rifle and there were two CZ 457s at the match with possibly more shooters using CZs in the future.

      GRPC Club Hi Power  - F Class


F_Class Results 6_11_22.jpg

Great day at the range yesterday, there was rain in the forecast but it didn't appear so we were left with an overcast sky and no wind. Look at Stage 3, we have a majority of the shooters with clean scores of 150!

          GRPC Steel Challenge


Steel Match 6-4-2022.jpg


GRPC Club 22 Benchrest Rimfire


22BR_Class Results 5_21_22_edited.jpg

Saturday's match started out fine, mid 70's, cloudy and no wind but the rains came in the second stage and messed up the match a bit. We all rushed the second stage because of the rain and it is interesting to see how the shooters responded to the situation.

Congratulations to John Fadio and Rich Greer for their first place finishes!

      GRPC Club Hi Power  - F Class


F_Class Results 5142022.jpg

Great shooting conditions,just look at the scores. Three shooters with clean scores of 450. To my knowledge, this has not been done before! Also, notice the variety of calibers used - all the way from a 22 LR to a 308 round.

          GRPC Steel Challenge


Steel Challenge 5072022_edited_edited.jpg


GRPC Club 22 Benchrest Rimfire


3152022 GRP Club 22 Rimfire BR Rifle Match (1).jpg

We enjoyed a great day at the Bench Rest match along with great scores! Temperatures in the high 60's while the wind was less than 10 MPH. 

Nine members participated along with a new guest, Derck Conrad.

GRP Club Hi-Power Rifle Score 


F_Class Results 4_9_22_edited.jpg

We had a nice day at the range for the Hi-Power Rifle Match, cool, a bit breezy at 15 to 20 MPH and a light mirage. Even so, we had great scores and close matches - two ties.

Hope to see you next month! 

          GRPC Steel Challenge


Steel Challenge 4022022 (1).jpg


GRPC Club 22 Benchrest Rimfire


22 Rimfire BR Rifle Results 3_19_22[39835]_edited.jpg

We got the match in but it was close. It was raining at 10:00AM when we started, stopped after a few minutes and started up again when we were taking down the target after the match.

Light winds allowed some exceptional scores, everybody improved their game, great shooting guys!

GRP Club Hi-Power Rifle Score 


F_Class Results 3_12_22 (1).jpg

Five hearty souls showed up for a cold and windy match - 43F with a 20 MPH wind right in our faces! For the conditions we had great scores.

          GRPC Steel Challenge


Steel Challenge 3-5-2022 new (1).jpg


GRPC Club 22 Benchrest Rimfire


22 Rimfire BR Results 2_19_22[39616]-page-001_edited_edited_edited.jpg

We had brutal conditions at the range Saturday, temperatures in the low 40's and gusty winds of 15mph plus! We had nine brave souls at the match, and for the conditions, shot pretty darn well.

GRP Club Hi-Power Rifle Score 


F_Class Results 2_12_22.jpg

We enjoyed a perfect day for our F-Class match, no wind, no mirage and an overcast sky.

KC Majors took the match with a clean score of 450 and 35 X's and we had three ties decided by the X count, Great shooting guys!

Ryan Shipes brought his son who shot in the match and he shot a very respectable score of 326/11 with his 223. Erland Graham brought his grandson who enjoyed the match as an observer. Hopefully we will see more of these two young men and others will join them.

GRPC Steel Match


Steel Match 2-05-2022_edited.jpg


GRPC Club 22 Benchrest Rimfire


Rimfire Benchrest 01152022.jpg

We had a great day for the match with 10 shooters attending.


  • John Fadio won the sporter (UL-1 (less than 8.5lbs) class

  • Brad Berg won the UL-2 (8.6 to 10.5lbs) class

  • Harvey Lewis won the UL-3 (10.5 plus) class


The event was staged with two relays, as with any change there buges to be worked out. If you have any thoughts or suggestions on improving the match, please let me know.

GRP Club Hi-Power Rifle Score 


F_Class Results 1_8_22-page-001_edited.jpg

We had a nice day with four shooters showing up. The first stage was very tight with just three rounds outside of the 10 ring. It was Todd's match to take but he missed the 10 ring in Stage 2 when he forgot to shoot a fouling round. Scott brought his new MPA rifle and did very well for the rifle's first match. Next month's match should be very interesting!

GRP Club Hi-Power Rifle Score 


GRP Club Hi-Power Rifle Score Sheet 121121.jpg

Great match with nine shooters in attendance, even with windy conditions and, of course, a mirage, we had lots of 150's and 149,s scores.

Todd Layman made his first appearance in over a year(!) and laid down a clean score of three sets of 150's, congratulations Todd! 


Merry Christmas!

GRPC Club 22 Benchrest Rimfire


Rimfire Benchrest 12042021-2_edited.jpg

We had excellent shooting conditions yesterday and the scores show it.

Tom Disanto won the heavy class and also the overall match with a fine score of 458. John Fadio won the Sporter Class with a nice score of 409.

We welcomed Harvey Lewis back from Montana, Harvey scored 14 X's in his sets.

GRPC Club 22 Benchrest Rimfire


22 rimfire BR Results 11_6_21[38926]- 10010241024_1_edited.jpg

We had a very cold event, low 40's with a blistering wind which would shift 180 degrees in an instant. But you shoot in the conditions presented and you will become a better shooter.

John Fadio had the high score, congratulations John!


Next month event will be much better, I guarantee it or your money back!

GRPC Club Hi-Power Match


F_Class Results 11_13_21-gc.jpg

We had a nice day for the match with just a hint of mirage to keep us on our toes. Mike Branch and Scott Hopkins had a close battle with Mike taking the match.

We had seven shooters and if you average all the 21 stages shot, the result is 145.6 per stage, pretty good shooting for our F-Class!

GRPC Steel Match


Steel Match 10-23-2021-8 (1).jpg


GRP Club Hi-Power Rifle Match


F_Class Results 9_11_21[38341]-page-001_edited.jpg

We had a spectacular day for shooting the F-Class match, low 80's  low humidity and just a hint of a mirage. There was a nice assortment of cartridges - 223, 6mm Dasher, 6.5 Creedmoor and a 308.

Andy Krapcha had the first stage, then let KC Majors and your's truly slip by with KC taking the match. 

GRPC 22 Rimfire Bench Rest Match



The first 22 BR match went fairly smoothly, getting familiar with a new event is never easy but the next event should be much better.

We had three classes with good competition in each with David Swedberg, in a league of his own, taking the high score.

We celebrated John Fabio's birthday yesterday, when you see him, wish him a Happy Birthday!

See yall next month!


GRPC Steel Match



Steel Match is Glock Match. A warm up for the Mobile, AL. Glock Match on 10/2/21

GRPC Steel Match


Steel Match 8-28-2021-7 (1)_edited_edited.jpg

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GRP Club Hi-Power Rifle


F_Class Results 9_11_21[38341]-page-001_edited_edited.jpg

Excellent shooting conditions Saturday, light winds, a light overcast and no mirage.

Great shooting as a group, many 147's, 148;s 149's and 150's! Your's truly took first place followed closely by Mike Branch. Ron Ricketts took third followed by Andy Krapcha in fourth.

We welcomed Terrill Deal back, it's been more than three years since 

Terrill has been to our event.

GRP Club Hi-Power Rifle


F_Class Results 8_14_21[38182]-page-001_edited_edited.jpg

We had great shooting conditions today, lots of 150 and 149 scores!. Although it was sunny, there was no mirage and no wind. 

Your's truly took the match barely beating Mike Branch.  Jeff Cain took third followed closely by Ron Ricketts. We welcomed Marty Williams back after a two years absence.

GRP Club Hi-Power Rifle


F_Class Results 7_10_21[37953]-page-001_edited.jpg

We have a tie!


A perfect day for the match, overcast, no wind and no mirage. KC Majors and yours truly tied with clean scores of 150 for each of the three stages, the tiebreaker is the "X" count in which we both shot 35 bullseyes. We were both out of ammo so we left it as a tie. Of course, I placed myself in the first row - alphabetical order!

Ron Rickets followed with a very nice score of 444 followed by Andy Krapcha.  Dennis Massey rejoined us after a six month hiatus.

GRPC Steel Match


Steel Challenge Scoresheet 06262021.jpg

GRP Hi Power Rifle Match


F_Class Results 6_12_21[37621]-page-001_edited_edited.jpg

GRP Steel Match



GRP Club Hi-Power Rifle



We had a spectacture day for the match, a light breeze and only a slight mirage.

Larry Thompson took the match with an excellent score of 449 and 26X's, well done Larry! There were two sets of tied match scores which were decided by the X ring count.

After a two year absence, we welcomed Erland Graham back.

GRP Club Hi-Power Rifle



We almost got the match in, we were about to score stage 2 when the heavens opened-up, shutting down the match!

KC Majors won the shortened match followed by four shooters with a score difference of one point each, what a tight group! Even though it was very windy, there were two clean scores of 150.

We had a new shooter join us, Larry Thompson, just moved to Port St Joe and hopefully he will join the Gun Club.

GRP Club Hi-Power Rifle



Great day at the range yesterday, we had a killer mirage but you could not tell it from the scores!  KC Majors took the honors followed by Scott Hopkins. We had two new shooters,

Brian Raymond from California and Eric Jessen from Minnesota both posting great scores. 

GRPC Glock Match

Rain Day Plate Rack Match



Left Hand only was ruff for most of us!

GRPC Steel Match - Pistol


Steelmatch-22721-2 (1).jpg

Steel Match Feb. 27, 2021  Thank you for shooting the match today

GRP Club Hi-Power Rifle



We had a perfect day for the match as can be seen by the great scores. KC Majors had a spectacular match total of 450 followed by Harvey Lewis and Andy Krapoha.

This is Harvey's last match for the season, in a week or so they will be heading back to Montana, safe travels Harvey!

GRP Club Glock Match


Glockmatch262021 (1).jpg

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