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Guest Fees


Gulf Rifle & Pistol Club​

Guest Fees

 1) Unless your guest at the Range is either your Spouse or a Dependent child less than 18 years old, they MUST   PAY A $10 Range Use FEE!! 

 Failure to pay the guest fee will result in your being assessed those fees and/or your membership suspended.  You   are financially responsible for your guests' use of the Range.

2) Have EACH guest fill out and Sign a Waiver. You MUST PUT YOUR NAME at the bottom as the sponsoring   Member.

3) Sign in when you arrive in and when you leave please sign out.

4) Trap shooting is open to the public and fees are as follows:   $7.00 per round for non-members and $6.00 per round for members. 

Please Consider Becoming A Member

See Membership Page For Details


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